Crackland is a part of downtown Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Latin America. A place where drug use and sale runs rampant under the cover of night. Under the rule of drug lords and their customers, the nickname was given as crack cocaine is the cheapest drug around. Hundreds of people of all ages and social classes go there to buy and consume the drug on the streets. The majority of the addicts are part of Sao Paulo’s homeless population who find on the cheap drug an escape from hard reality of the metropolis.
Brazil today is the world’s largest consumer of both pure and crack cocaine according to the federal University of Sao Paulo. About 6 million adults, or 3 percent of Brazilians, have tried cocaine in some form. Showing the real power of crack’s degradation was my main target when immersing myself in this universe. My work has scenes of a day to day that has not changed since I began my project 8 years ago. Cracolandia still maintains its danger, and at times, deadly ways.